Here’s a list of the main tools I use to work (2017):

(This means I no longer use it)

Currently learning:

  • More on UNIX Shell scripting
  • More on AWS (Amazon Web Services)
  • OCI (Oracle Cloud Infrastructure)

UPDATE (2021-2022)

  • Terraform: Infrastructure as Code provisioning
  • Ansible Infrastructure as Code configuration

UPDATE (2020)

I’ve added more to the list:

  • Figma: UI/UX Development platform
  • IntelliJ IDEA: JAVA IDE
  • OCI: Oracle Cloud Infrastructure
  • Notion: Collaborative documentation
  • Linear: Issue tracking & ticketing system

UPDATE (2019)

I’ve added a couple more to the list:

  • React Native Crossplatform Native Development
  • AWS Amazon Web Services for Cloud
  • GCP Google Cloud services
  • Docker Container platform
  • Jenkins CI/CD Server
  • Kubernetes Container Orchestration

UPDATE (2018)

I’m using these other tools now:

  • React DOM Management Frontend Library
  • Angular 5 Udpated: HTML enhanced for webapps
  • VS Code Favorite code editor
  • Postman API Explorer
  • Slack Project management
  • Robomongo MongoDB Client
  • Sequel Pro MySQL Client
  • DB Browser: SQLITE SQLite Client


  • Ruby on Rails Very complete web app framework
  • Heroku Powerful platform for application hosting
  • AngularJS HTML enhanced for webapps
  • Unity3D Most popular Game Engine for VR/Ar Dev
  • Sublime Text Greatest text editor
  • iTerm2 macOS Terminal Replacement
  • Transmit Great FTP Manager
  • Postico Very easy-to-use PostgreSQL Manager
  • ASANA Project Management in the Cloud
  • Adobe Creative Cloud (Ps, Ai, Ae) Creative Suite