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What is an ICO

What is an ICO

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about 3 years ago


What the hell is an ICO ? And why the f#ck does something like Tezos fundraised more than 65,697 BTC and 361,122 ETH, which in total stands for around:

271,328,610 USD …


Jokes aside, I’ve dig a bit more on the project and found out that their main value proposition, relies on their whitepaper which explains their tech.

So I went further and found their github, where I discovered they only have ~510 commits and 1 contributor… !


This has got to be a joke…

1 guy in his laptop is in control of ~$US 300 MM

Well.. I decided that instead of observing how this massive scale situation is being carried out by who-the-fuck knows, I’d go public and make a Crowdsale of my programmed Tokens, using the Ethereum network.

For all intended purposes, this video can clarify A LOT in regards of functionality, criteria and risks of investment:

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Take a look at what Filecoin did.