I just found this precious little jewel on the internet.

The HumanOps-mantra

I’m re-posting here as I strongly believe in every single point made in it.

HumanOps Mantra

  1. Humans build and fix systems.
  2. Humans get tired and stressed, they feel happy and sad.
  3. Systems don’t have feelings yet. They only have SLAs.
  4. Humans need to switch off and on again.
  5. The wellbeing of human operators impacts the reliability of systems.
  6. Alert Fatigue == Human Fatigue
  7. Automate as much as possible, escalate to a human as a last resort.
  8. Document everything. Train everyone. Save time.
  9. Kill the shame game.
  10. Human issues are system issues.
  11. Human health impacts business health.
  12. Humans > systems