Quick update after what I believe was my most popular post ever.

I received an suggestion over an email message to enable IPv6 in this blog.

Thing that I been meaning to do for a while now as I’ve been wanting to show my support to the cause

So what did I do?

Given that I’m hosting the whole thing in AWS (Cloudfront, S3, Route53), it really was trivial to do.

  1. Enable IPv6 in my Cloudfront distribution
  2. Set up AAAA record to the Cloudfront distribution
  3. Update all my images to use dualstack endpoints.

So here it is. If you do:

host oschvr.com | grep IPv6

You will get the IPv6 addresses behind DNS -> Cloudfront Distribution

oschvr.com has IPv6 address 2600:9000:239f:ec00:f:c0d0:cfc0:93a1
oschvr.com has IPv6 address 2600:9000:239f:ca00:f:c0d0:cfc0:93a1
oschvr.com has IPv6 address 2600:9000:239f:2a00:f:c0d0:cfc0:93a1
oschvr.com has IPv6 address 2600:9000:239f:a000:f:c0d0:cfc0:93a1
oschvr.com has IPv6 address 2600:9000:239f:7600:f:c0d0:cfc0:93a1
oschvr.com has IPv6 address 2600:9000:239f:2000:f:c0d0:cfc0:93a1
oschvr.com has IPv6 address 2600:9000:239f:6200:f:c0d0:cfc0:93a1
oschvr.com has IPv6 address 2600:9000:239f:800:f:c0d0:cfc0:93a1

Easy peazy 👌 I can bear the badge now 🎉


Thanks to Raul Tambre from tambre.ee for the suggestion.


IPv6 is the new normal https://www.worldipv6launch.org/

Cloudfront, Route53 & IPv6 https://aws.amazon.com/blogs/aws/ipv6-support-update-cloudfront-waf-and-s3-transfer-acceleration/

S3 & IPv6 https://docs.aws.amazon.com/AmazonS3/latest/userguide/dual-stack-endpoints.html