I’m Oscar Chavez.

I’m a software engineer ⚙️ and cloud architect ☁️.

I’m currently working as a Founding Engineer, in charge of the Frontend and DevOps efforts at ⚙️ Lean.

Before, I did some Cybersecurity Research and Technical Sales at 🔼 Delta Protect.

Before that, I was CTO at a software company I co-founded, 🔻VR3.io, where I did a lot of interesting work, met awesome people and had the chance to grow very quickly as an engineer, manager and entrepreneur.

I’ve done a lot of on-site, remote and temporary contract jobs with clients (mainly) from Mexico 🇲🇽, but also from US 🇺🇸 and Europe 🇪🇺.

Meetups, events and conferences are something I’m always looking to assist or participate in. I’m always up to help the industry grow, give some career advice and meet amazing people 😎.

Also I love (to win) hackathons 🏆!

~~Interested in working with me? Hit me up ~~ Currently busy ! ⏰